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The International Baccalaureate program is a rigorous course of study designed to meet the needs of highly motivated secondary students and to promote international understanding.  The effectiveness of the IB program is due not only to the depth of the individual courses, but also to the comprehensive nature of the program.  Unlike other honors programs, the IB Program is designed to have a metacognitive approach to learning that helps students develop the higher-order thinking strategies needed to become lifelong independent learners.  Students are expected to make connections between different academic disciplines and not to study subjects in isolation.  This is based on the belief that the total educational experience is more than the sum of its parts. To earn the IB diploma, students complete and test in six IB academic subjects, write an extended essay of independent research guided by a teacher mentor, complete 150 hours of creative, activity, and service activities (CAS), and participate in a critical thinking course called Theory of Knowledge.

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How to apply?

See GISD's application process page for application details and dates.

Who should I contact?

Mr. Timothy Schmidt is the Magnet Coordinator for Garland High School. 

Email address:

Phone number:  (972) 494-8492 X  60067



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