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The Garland High School band is a conglomerate of the Mighty Owl Marching Band (MOB), 3 concert bands, 1 jazz band, and 1 Colorguard/Winterguard. The Mighty Owl band has students that are involved in many organizations, clubs, academic programs, and other ventures throughout the school. It has cultivated many successful students including athletes, valedictorians, and competitive instrumentalists. Students receive a well-rounded education in both music and life-skills and constantly interact with clinicians, guest teachers, and students to grow throughout their 4 years. Being a part of the MOB means that you will receive not only a music education, but make friends and learn skills that will last you a lifetime!

Mighty Owl Band Staff

MOB in action

Band Flute Player marching in the show
Lower Brass sections warming up on the track
Color Guard Flag twirling on the field
Clarinet players warming up for competition
Band Director leading the band down to the field for competition
Photo for the electronics used for the marching show
Color Guard waving two flags on the field
Trombone section leaning towards their right as part of the marching show
Lower Brass and Color Guard kneeling and standing as part of the marching show
Picture from the stands of the band members ready to start marching
Band Member waiting to play the bells with her mallets in the air

Courses offered

For questions about band, please email Salvador Gallegos.