Vegas girl dressed Dance team end pose at Spring Show

The study of dance offers unique experiences and empower students to explore realities,  relationships, and ideas. Dance engages and motivates all students through active learning, critical thinking, and innovative problem solving. Dance helps develop cognitive functioning and increase student academic achievement, high-order thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. This makes Dance applicable to college readiness, career opportunities, workplace environments, social skills, and everyday life. Students develop aesthetic and cultural awareness through exploration leading to creative expression. 

Meet the directors

Dance in action

The New Deb Officers sitting on a bench with roses and their Deb hats.
Debs in 80's theme costumes, waiting to start the Hip-Hop routine at competition
Deb Officer in blue uniforms performing in the Spring Show
Dancers in the Spring Show, posing in the Hip Hop routine
Deb Officers performing their duet during the Spring Show
Deb Officers at GHS holding their grand champion signs.
Dancers in red uniforms are posing and waiting for the music to start

Courses offered

For questions about dance, please email Brooke Thomas.