Reel Owl Cinema

Reel Owl Cinema imageReel Owl Cinema is a unique four year high school International Baccalaureate (IB) narrative film program which has been producing films at Garland High School since 2004.

What is film at GHS?

It is the study of world film history, theory, and the process of production. During their course of studying a major art form in the world today, students will research, view, and discuss films. They will also create films of their own in the capacity of either writer, director, cinematographer, editor, sound engineer, or in some cases, all roles.

Film I (Pre IB) freshmen

You will study the beginning of film in the world, watching films and learning terms associated with early film. You will also begin the study of the production of films. Students will complete 30 second to 90 second films.

IB students filming with cameraFilm II (Int H) sophomore

You will continue the study of the history of film and its global impact, watching films from different genres and directors. Students will complete 90 second to 3 minute films.

Film III - IB junior

You will begin an evaluation of the film process and the differences in our culture and cultures around the world. Documentaries will be introduced and studied. Students will also watch and study films of particular directors and their directing styles. Students will complete 3 to 5 minute films.

Film IV - IB senior

Using film techniques and production knowledge, students will analyze their knowledge of films, and study more genres and directors. Students will complete a 7 minute film and 60 second trailer.

If you are accepted into the program 

You simply need to choose Film I as an elective. You will automatically be placed in the Film I (Pre IB) class.

If you live in the Garland High School area and are accepted into GHS

You will need to get a recommendation from a teacher at your campus, return it to your counselor to enroll in the class. The letter must be forwarded to Film at GHS.  
*Note:  You may substitute Freshman Academy for Film I (Pre IB).

IB Film test information

IB students in group discussion

For full IB diploma, you must test in 6 subjects. For the 6th subject, you are allowed to choose the area in which you wish to test. IB Film is one of those choices. You must take both IB Film 3 and 4 to be able to test.

The IB Film test consists of four areas:

  1. The Textual Analysis: A research paper on a 5-minute segment of film. Titles are taken from a choice of three films selected by the teacher.
  2. The Comparative Video: A research documentary film comparing and contrasting at least two films. 
  3. The Production Portfolio: Students compile their experiments, notes, research, and all other paperwork they have gathered in their 2 years in IB film.  They then bring that work together, synthesize that work and produce a reflective paper about their growth in the last two years.  This includes a 3-minute film and other examples of their work.
  4. (HL Only) The Collaborative Project: Students complete a 7-minute film and trailer inside a group and write an accompanying reflective essay.

Reel Owl Cinema film instructor:  Thomas Schubert