Visual arts

Student painting

Garland High School offers an array of Visual Arts classes. 

Students focus on developing technical skills while investigating personal concepts. Students learn art history and skills to critique artwork, but the main focus is on creating art, developing techniques, and exploring personal concepts.

Visual art prides itself in the opportunities it is able to provide the students. Museum visits, college recruiter visits and professional artist guest speakers are just a few.

The visual art department encourages peer teaching. Each year our seniors hold after-school workshops, in which they teach a medium or technique to other art students. They organize “share teams” that visit middle schools and play a big role in Garland’s community events.

Video of Art students taking everyday items and including them in a work of art


Visual arts in action

Painting of a girls with a lady bug
Table with pottery in various stages of completion
Art Display board with various types of artwork pinned on it.
Students carving punpkins
Art Teacher at a table instructing the student
Art Display board with various pieces of art pinned to it
Art sculpture hanging from the ceiling of the art room
They all matter banner surrounded with awareness ribbons
Student taking a picture of two students in a photo board
Arcade machine transformed in to art
Students sitting around art table, painting.
Students and Dr. Lopez in downtown Garland, showing off signs painted be the art students
Two students painting very colorful dogs
Student self portrait
Two paintings of a butterfly

Courses offered