College admissions


Graduating students can order transcripts through Greenlight.

If the transcript can be sent electronically, then there will be no charge. If the transcript has to be mailed or picked up by the student, then the cost will be $1 a copy. All students must have a records release form on file in order for us to fulfill your transcript order.

Students needing hard copies of their transcript for a scholarship must order these transcripts through Ms. Bennett in the counseling office. 

Request a transcript.

Visit the district's Transcript page for all other inquiries.


Any student who wants to apply to a four-year university must submit either a SAT or ACT test score with their application. Practice test books are available in the counselors' office.

The GHS Library site gives students instructions on how to log in to a database to find AP, SAT, and ACT review material and practice tests. There is also information on careers and a resume builder. 

GHS high school code for testing

Code for S.A.T. and A.C.T. college applications is: 442731.

Recommendation letters

It is important that you give teachers and/or counselors two to three weeks notice if you want them to write a letter of recommendation. Please fill out an Information Sheet about yourself to help them write a more personal recommendation.


Be sure to look at the admission guidelines for the university you are applying to in order to determine if an essay is required. If an essay is required, we encourage you to have someone proofread your work.

Now that you have been accepted:

Think you're done once they offer you admission into your dream college? Nope - you still have work to do before you celebrate. Before the end of your senior year, you will have to:

  • Request a housing application
  • Send in your room and board deposit
  • Register for freshman orientation
  • Make sure your immunizations are current
  • Check out the college's web site for available student clubs and activities
  • Ask how to get college credit for your AP classes
  • Pay for a FINAL transcript to be sent to the college