students work together on circuit building

On a bright path

Golden Meadows teachers and staff focus on giving meaningful opportunities for students to create, explore and learn together. This exposure helps our students prepare for life after high school. 

student reading positive messages in mirror

Taking a look in the mirror

At Golden Meadows we want our students to see the greatness in themselves that we see every day.

students at table share organization tips

Leading the future

5th grade AVID leaders share organizational tips during Family Literacy Night.

counselor greeting a student at the door

Greeting with a smile

Every morning members of our staff greet our students at the door with a handshake, high five and sometimes even a fist bump. However, students always get a smile.

Students present to class

Career ready

While exploring scientific careers, students are challenged to research, design, and justify their thought process in developing final products. 

teacher jumps rope with students

Taking time to play

Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Rojas, takes time to socialize and connect with her students at recess. 

girls in library socializing

Connecting over a good read

Our librarian, Mrs. Hare, makes a point to create inviting spaces where students can connect with one another over a book.

students sort apples by size

Play and grow

Kindergarten students learn together while sorting apples by size.

golden meadows building


We are the Hawks and we are ready to soar!

speaker presenting to class

Career day at GM

Speakers came to speak to grades k-5 about their personal path to success by going to college. 

Recent News

Student reads door

Read how students at Golden Meadows are accomplishing their goals and making their dreams a reality.

students sit in different kinds of seating to work

Being healthy goes far beyond Clorox wipes at Golden Meadows. Read to see how GM is supporting mental, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing of our students and staff.

a hand holding a check off list

Learn about the upcoming 2020 census with us

purple golden meadows shirt

Families and supporters of Golden Meadows can join PTA for $17 and receive a t-shirt. Additional t-shirts $10.

To enroll a new student at Golden Meadows please come by the front office Thursday and Friday any time between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.


All Golden Meadows father and father figures are welcome to enjoy donuts with their student

GM father and father figures are welcome to enjoy donuts with their student before classes begin.

GM mother and mother figures are invited to have a muffin with their student

Mom and mom figures please join us and enjoy a muffin with your student before class begins.

Please join us for a musical morning with kindergarten.

Please join us in the Golden Meadows cafeteria for a musical morning with kindergarten 



paint pallet with music note

Art & music

Free breakfast
and lunch

family smiling with teacher