New Year, Same Golden Meadows

Golden Meadows Elementary was founded in 1971 with roughly 369 students. Since opening, we've seen neighborhood changes, lots of new faces, and even survived a pandemic. This year is our 51st year educating students and although there are new curriculums and new agendas...Golden Meadows continues to have the same heart and desire to empower our students. 

Leo is a 4th grader this year and has been a student at Golden Meadows since he was in kindergarten. "The first day of school I was excited and nervous, but mostly excited. I was nervous because I thought this year was going to be hard but I was more excited because it was a new school year and I had new teachers." Leo went on to say he knew it was going to be a good year on the second day when I started feeling really good on the second day when he started to understand everything.

Leo is most excited about his reading class because he thinks reading is calming and cool. "I thought coming back was going to feel different but it felt the same even though I hadn’t been here a while. I like Golden Meadows it’s a cool school." 

Although we have plenty of familiar faces around campus we also welcomed plenty of new Hawks as well. Mrs. Macar is a first-year teacher and Golden Meadows is lucky enough to have her this year. "I like the school and the campus so much. Everyone is very supportive and I love the staff. "

Since joining us on campus she has become fast friends with her teammates and has enjoyed getting to know our community. Mrs. Macar even enrolled her son, Elijah, in pre-k this year and has been impressed with the growth he has made even in four weeks. "Having a student here is great. I'm noticing how much better he's been with academics but also behavior. I give credit to his teacher, Mrs. Poarch."

Since building community is a trait close to our heart, Thursday, August 25th PTA hosted their first event: a movie night featuring the movie Rio.

Cars filled the parking lot and the cafeteria was packed with excited families. "I am beyond thrilled with the turnout of the movie night. It was overwhelming in the most exciting way! It was so great to see so many families enjoying their time and being in the school again!" PTA President, Shelbi Gillentine said.

Parent Teacher Association is an organization that works hand in hand with the community and the school to provide experiences that help both parties thrive. Ms. Gillentine and the PTA Team have already planned events throughout the year to give opportunities for Golden Meadows families to connect and grow. "My Hope is that more families get involved with the school so that we can all feel that sense of community and togetherness again. " Ms. Gillentine said.

Last year our theme was "Wherever you are planted: Bloom" and this year we are focusing on growing. Our goal this year is to provide a campus where every student, teacher, and community member feels empowered enough to allow themself to grow.

"What I love about Golden Meadows is that every teacher sets the same expectations for all the kids. I think that's important because it makes it easier for the students to grow and be better than the previous year."  new teacher Mrs. Macar explained.

With high expectations but the same love for our community, Golden Meadows welcomes our new theme "Keep Going, Keep Growing."