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Shelbi Gillentine

  Ms. T


PTA t-shirts are on sale! You can purchase a t-shirt, membership and water bottle combo for $25. For just a t-shirt and membership the cost will be $20. Membership only purchase will cost $10. Please stop by our front office to order today. 

You can connect with the Golden Meadows PTA on Facebook and feel free to check out the Online Store for spirit wear!

Supporting PTA

PTA is a very important organization that is vital to our school and our students. Being a member of PTA doesn't mean required monthly meetings and hours upon hours of volunteer work. Being a member of PTA means you are making a difference in the life of a child.

Show your support; join the GM PTA today. Together we can truly make a difference.

Parents and Guardians needing to know more about our PTA or those individuals wanting to serve on the GM PTA board can get more information from our front office. Please call 972-494-8373 or email for more details.


PTA members are encouraged to be a positive presence on campus by volunteering. If you are a member wanting to volunteer or become a Room Parent, please complete a background check and contact PTA through email.