School hours

Students remain enrolled in their home campuses and travel to GRCTC to attend courses for two class periods on either A day or B day. Courses are offered in morning or afternoon sessions, with students either starting or ending the day at GRCTC.

Please refer to the School year calendar for a complete calendar of dates and the district A/B Schedule for a list of A/B days.

Effective as of Monday, October 2, 2023:

Morning session: 7:15 am - 10:19 am

Afternoon session: 11:36 am - 2:40 pm

Transportation to the GRCTC

Morning transportation is provided by the District. Students are then transported back to their home campus from the GRCTC at the end of their a.m. session. Afternoon session students will be transported from their home campus to the GRCTC on a similar shuttle bus.

Note: Naaman Forest students will not need a shuttle bus. They will cross the street to the GRCTC using the crosswalk at set release times when walking between the GRCTC and Naaman Forest High School.

Students may also choose to drive their own vehicles but must register their vehicle with the front office. Parking stickers will be given to students who have a Valid Texas Driver’s License and Proof of Insurance. Learner's permits are not accepted for registration. There is no charge for the first sticker and additional/replacement stickers cost $5.00 each. Since you cannot drive alone, students with learning permits will not be able to get a parking sticker for the GRCTC.

Please consult the following link for a list of pick-up and drop-off locations for the GRCTC shuttle busses.

2023-24 Shuttle Stops and Time To/From the GRCTC

For parents and guardians dropping off or picking up students, we do have designated locations for you. Please observe the 10 miles per hour speed limit within our parking lot and drop off area.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures 

Breakfast and lunch

Start your day right! Our students can easily grab breakfast using their IDs from the vending machine located in the Collaboration Area near the Cybersecurity & Networking classroom (Room 1403).

Lunch is scheduled according to your session:

Morning Session Students: Enjoy lunch at your home campus after attending GRCTC classes.
Afternoon Session Students: Have lunch at your home campus before you leave for your GRCTC classes.