Veterinary Assisting

You would like this class if you are interested in: 
  • Small and Large Animals 
  • Veterinary Health Care 
  • Animal welfare 
Key things that you will learn in the class: 
  • Veterinary ethics 
  • Basic Animal Health Care 
  • Animal Behavior 
  • Veterinary Customer and Patient Care
What will you leave the class with: 
  • Certified Veterinary Assistant Level 1 (TVMA) 
  • Veterinary Clinical Experience 
  • Customer Service Experience 
What jobs you could start with after graduation: 
  • Certified Veterinary Assistant 
  • Pet Care Attendant



April Smith

Marissa Runnels

Veterinary Assisting Instructor holds a brown guinea pig.

A third year agriculture science course that gives students hands-on experience as well as certification within the field of Veterinary Assisting. In Veterinary Assisting you learn how to properly care for animals, learn about common veterinary practices and procedures, learn about animal diseases, and work with small and large animals. Students will work towards a Certification for Veterinary Assisting which includes both an exam and 300 work hours at a work site. Students also work with Barks N' Bubbles on-campus where they will help run and provide grooming services for community customers.

Lab demonstration dogs and cats displayed and ready for use by students.