Architecture & Construction




Kurt Ortley

Stephanie Edwards

Architecture Design exposes students to tools and methods needed to engage in the fundamentals of architectural design. As such, conceptual and critical approached to making, analyzing, and exploring architecture are highly encouraged. Advance your design thinking through curiosity, experimentation, and the iterative design process.

Architecture model for a Parking Day Dallas project.

Students will engage in conceptual and theoretical discourse both inside and outside of the studio environment. Opportunities are created for students to develop a personal architectural proposition by using digital and analog documents; plan, elevations, sections, axonometric drawings, analytical diagrams, digital and physical models. Students primarily work with Autodesk in both Revit and AutoCAD.


Small scale architecture model of a tall building.

Construction Technology - Electrical


James McKee

Electrical students rewire electrical outlets in a training area.
Electrical student working on an outlet fixture.

The Electrical Technology program's focus is to prepare students to enter the workforce in electrical construction and maintenance areas. Students learn the skills, theory, and industry codes to be successful within the industry. Advanced level students may intern with industry partners to begin their careers and gain real-world experience. Most students that go through this class are trying to become Electrical Apprentices, and some will go on to college to become Electrical Engineers or Electrical Technicians. The industry is about seven thousand workers short in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.




Interior Design


Kurt Ortley

Small scale interior design model for a study area.
Two small scale interior design models for a study area.

Interior Designers make a vital contribution in the shaping of our environment and society, in the design and technology for a diverse range of situations. Interior design demands appropriate skills, understanding, common knowledge, and a deep commitment to professed ideals.