Architecture & Construction

Explore the World of Architecture & Construction

Dive into the realm of creativity and practicality with our dynamic Architecture & Construction pathway, featuring three distinct courses: Architecture, Construction Technology - Electrical, and Interior Design. Each course is a gateway to a unique aspect of this diverse field.

  • Architecture Design: Here, students embrace the art and science of architectural design through conceptual thinking, critical analysis, and hands-on practice. This course nurtures creativity, curiosity, and a comprehensive understanding of architecture. From engaging in Parking Day Dallas projects to mastering tools like Autodesk, Revit, and AutoCAD, students transform their ideas into tangible designs. Explore more about the Architecture Design course and its innovative approach here.

  • Construction Technology - Electrical: This program is tailored for those aspiring to shape the future of electrical construction and maintenance. Students delve into industry-specific skills, theories, and codes, preparing them for careers as Electrical Apprentices or further studies towards becoming Electrical Engineers or Technicians. The demand in the Dallas-Fort Worth area underscores the program's relevance and urgency. Discover the intricate details of the Electrical Technology program and its real-world applications here.

  • Interior Design: Step into the world of Interior Design, where creativity meets functionality. This course develops the essential skills, knowledge, and commitment needed to excel in this field. Interior Designers play a crucial role in shaping environments and impacting society through design and technology. Learn more about the course, its objectives, and the opportunities it offers here.

Each course within our Architecture & Construction pathway is designed to inspire, challenge, and equip students for success in these dynamic fields. For more detailed information on each course, their curriculum, and the unique opportunities they offer, we invite you to click on the corresponding links. Embark on a journey that blends imagination with practicality and opens doors to a world of possibilities.