You would like this class if you are interested in:
  • Designing custom houses or skyscrapers
  • If you enjoy people watching
  • Sketching
Key things that you will learn in the class:
  • Historical references for architecture & Interior Design
  • Design principles
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Building models, virtual and physical
What will you leave the class with:
  • Dual Credit
  • Revit Certification
  • Adobe Illustrator certification
  • Creative problem solving & core design skills
What jobs you could start with after graduation:
  • Draftsman
  • Designer


Kurt Ortley

Architecture Design exposes students to tools and methods needed to engage in the fundamentals of architectural design. As such, conceptual and critical approached to making, analyzing, and exploring architecture are highly encouraged. Advance your design thinking through curiosity, experimentation, and the iterative design process.

Architecture model for a Parking Day Dallas project.

Students will engage in conceptual and theoretical discourse both inside and outside of the studio environment. Opportunities are created for students to develop a personal architectural proposition by using digital and analog documents; plan, elevations, sections, axonometric drawings, analytical diagrams, digital and physical models. Students primarily work with Autodesk in both Revit and AutoCAD.


Small scale architecture model of a tall building.