Arts, A/V and Communication


Graphic Design and Illustration


Benjamin Wade

Shelby Callison

Visual language is a form of communication we use throughout the day without even realizing it. In Graphic Design, we use a mixture of technology, psychology, color theory, and basic art principles to communicate our wants and needs to each other and for our clients.

As the digital explosion continues, instructors and students have to not only stay abreast of the current technologies but research and watch trends. Students will take their designs from a hand-drawn rough sketch to digital production designing for the appropriate media outlet. With today's saturated market, standing out is harder than ever but with good branding practices and an understanding of how marketing begins and ends with design, Graphic Design students leave with the tools they need to help business do business.

Students work towards completing their Adobe Visual Design Certifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Printing and Imaging


Shelby Callison

A large format printer used for printing banners and posters.

With Printing and Imaging, students begin to take their digital creations and make them real with our advanced printing lab featuring many industry grade tools and machinery. From screen printing to large format banner printing, Printing and Imaging is where students work with real-world clients both within the district and the community to meet the marketing needs of businesses today. 

A four color print system for screenprinting shirts and posters.



Fashion Design


Stephanie Chase

Shannon Galbraith

Fashion design student irons out the wrinkles in fabric before sewing.

The Fashion Design program covers concepts and skills related to the fashion industry. Some of the areas covered are apparel design, pattern making, textiles, styling, visual merchandising, and many other fashion career opportunities. We have fashion industry speakers, fashion related field trips, and do a fashion show as an end of the year project to feature your designs.

Fashion students work with sewing machines for the fashion pieces.