Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Rev Up Your Skills in Outdoor Power

In our "Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics" pathway, the "Outdoor Power" course stands out as a unique and hands-on learning experience. This course is tailored for those with a passion for the mechanics and thrill of outdoor power vehicles, such as motorcycles, ATVs, and side-by-sides.

Starting with the basics of hand tools, students quickly progress to more complex repairs and restorations. The course offers a deep dive into the world of outdoor power mechanics, covering everything from routine maintenance to complete vehicle overhauls. Students gain practical experience using industry-standard equipment, including tire machines, wheel balancers, diagnostic scanners, power probes, and power lifts. A highlight of the program is working on a dynamometer to master performance tuning and troubleshooting.

Moreover, the course offers invaluable opportunities to collaborate with local dealerships like Dallas Harley Davidson, Lone Star Indian, and Polaris, providing real-world experience and industry connections.

For a comprehensive look at the Outdoor Power course, including detailed information on the curriculum, equipment, and partnership opportunities, click here. This course is an exceptional opportunity for students interested in a career in vehicle mechanics and performance tuning to gain the skills and experience necessary for success in this exciting field.