Forge Your Future in Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing pathway offers two specialized courses, Metal Fabrication and Machining, and Industrial Robotics, each designed to equip students with cutting-edge skills for the modern manufacturing industry. These courses combine hands-on learning with advanced technology, preparing students for a future in this rapidly evolving field.

  • Metal Fabrication and Machining: In this course, students explore the world of metal manufacturing and machining in our state-of-the-art lab. Equipped with EMCO mills, Clausing manual lathes, Lincoln Electric plasma cutters, welders, and CNC equipment, students learn through exciting projects. This program offers a hands-on approach to mastering metal fabrication techniques. For more detailed information about the Metal Fabrication and Machining course, including the specific equipment and skills covered, click here.

  • Industrial Robotics: This course invites students to delve into the dynamic field of automation and robotics. It is an excellent fit for those interested in shaping their future in technology and innovation. The Industrial Robotics class provides a pathway to high-demand careers, combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Learn more about the Industrial Robotics course, its curriculum, and the career opportunities it offers here.

Each course in our Manufacturing pathway is structured to provide students with practical skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the manufacturing industry. For a more comprehensive look at each course, their specific content, and the unique opportunities they offer, we encourage you to click on the respective links and start your journey towards a career in manufacturing.