You would like this class if you are interested in:
  • Breaking Stuff to see how it works
  • Inventing
  • Creating designs on CAD software like Inventor or Solidworks
  • Art, Math, Physics
Key things that you will learn in the class:
  • Problem-Solving to serve a client
  • Troubleshooting your design until it works
  • Blueprints detailed enough for someone else to build
  • College-level engineering math
  • Collaboration with other disciplines
  • How structures work
What will you leave the class with:
  • The full-circle experience of engineering design: design, analysis and construction.
  • Some experience with power tools
  • Collaborating with Lemelson-MIT program


Charles Richardson

Become a Life Hacker! Design, create and analyze your own products. Create solutions to immediate problems in our community. Allow math and science to give you the power to turn
dreams into reality. Students will work primarily with their hands and brains, but a pencil and paper are useful too.