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Come to work at our campus and become part of an award-winning district and #TheGISDEffect.  

Hickman Elementary is extraordinary because of the incredible leadership. Students perform better because our principals provide strong leadership and successfully convey the school's goals, visions, and collaborate with the teachers to enhance their skills. The principals are always involved in the discovery of and solutions to problems.

Hickman Elementary has highly qualified staff who instruct at a high level of effectiveness. The staff has a strong bond and connection with each other, which is crucial for a healthy school environment. They are fun, energetic, and very creative. Our school celebrates success and recognizes staff contributions, and they feel supported and appreciated. They believe in their student's potential to succeed and push them to their limits.

The school has a secured and organized learning environment, which is important for maximum learning to occur. In addition, the school has rich technology resources where each student has a device to use which is essential in building new skills. Last but not least, the parents and community partners play a great role in helping the school. We are grateful for everything that they do to make our school great.

Why Choose Garland ISD

  • Competitive salaries, some of the highest in the Dallas area
  • Comprehensive benefits, including an employee assistance program and financial wellness program
  • Dedicated employee clinic with low-cost visits for non-emergency medical needs
  • Enhanced security procedures to help protect students and staff
  • All GISD teachers are provided with a laptop, docking station, and dual monitors as a district standard
  • Choice of school district with no attendance zones and a wide variety of magnet and specialized program campuses
  • Strong investment in the growth of our staff through leadership development and learner pathways
  • Extremely diverse community with more than 70 languages spoken by students
  • Project Goal, a two-year 1-on-1 mentorship program for beginning teachers
  • Children and grandchildren of nonresident employees can attend GISD schools
  • Discounted community swim passes at the GISD Natatorium