School spirit & history

Every letter in Hickman stands for something special we want to teach your child about our school and about their identity as a Hickman Ranger. We recognize that the development of character is central to the development of your child.

Honor deals with the great respect with which students treat themselves and others.

Ranger Hank

Integrity involves students sticking to what is right and what they believe in, especially when things get difficult.

Compassion is the willingness to act in order to meet the needs of another person.

Kindness is showing with your words and actions how to be friendly, generous, and considerate.

Manners references the way we treat others with courtesy and respect.

Attitude determines how we act, think, and feel about our lives and others.

Nurturing involves taking the time to encourage others to become successful.

School colors

Red, White, and Blue

School mascot