TEA School Report Cards (SRC) are now available.

Please download the Parent Letter in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese attached below. Printed copies are available per your request in the school's main office.


2021 Federal Report Cards are now available. For more information and to access it, see our Federal report card page.

#The GISD Effect

Hickman Elementary is extraordinary because of the incredible leadership. Students perform better because our principals provide strong leadership and successfully convey the school's goals, visions, and collaborate with the teachers to enhance their skills. The principals are always involved in the discovery of and solutions to problems.

Hickman Elementary has highly qualified staff who instruct at a high level of effectiveness. The staff has a strong bond and connection with each other, which is crucial for a healthy school environment. They are fun, energetic, and very creative. They believe in their student's potential to succeed and push them to their limits.

The school has a secured and organized learning environment, which is important for maximum learning to occur. In addition, the school has rich technology resources where each student has a device to use which is essential in building new skills. Last but not least, the parents and community partners play a great role in helping the school. We are grateful for everything that they do to make our school great.


Online resources

Skyward Key

Skyward is our student information system.  Use Skyward Family Access to find student grades, attendance and more.


Dimension U logo

DimensionU consists of four engaging and interactive multiplayer video games that focus on core skills in math and literacy. Each game is designed with unique features that bring out distinct academic and strategic skills in students.

Khan academy logo

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Naviance logo

Our middle and high school students collaborate with parents, teachers and school counselors to create a personalized college & career plan with Naviance.

Promoting College and Careers

Awareness at Hickman

We have college day every Thursday. On this day, students and staff are encouraged to wear college T-shirts. Students are provided with knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for a strong academic foundation.


Advancement via Individual Determination, is a college readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college. The program places special emphasis on writing, critical thinking, teamwork, organization, and reading skills. This is accomplished through the use of graphic organizers, projects, goal-setting and agendas.

Technology Programs:


ST Math

Spelling City

Discovery Education

Imagine Learning




All of these programs help our students function better in their daily lives, achieve personal goals, and reach their full potential as literate members of society. 

Learning compact

Here at Hickman we are committed to your students education. Our learning compact is an agreement between our campus, parents and students.

Morning Announcements

 4th and 5th grade students lead our morning announcements live on camera for the whole school to view. It is a wonderful  opportunity for students to prepare themselves for life beyond school.