Music Program

In music class the students are learning to be skilled musicians through singing, dancing, and playing instruments. It is the goal of the music program at Hickman to cultivate a desire for learning and a LOVE of music.

Music teacher

Mrs. Elizabeth  Smith

Honor choir

The Hickman Honor Choir is under the direction of music teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. Fourth and fifth grade students who are interested in the group must audition for the music teacher, get parental permission, and sign a contract. Students who are accepted into the Honor Choir must maintain passing grades of 70 or better, attend ALL performances, and have good behavior and citizenship. Students are expected to represent Hickman Elementary and Garland ISD in a positive and friendly manner. 



  The Year in Art

 Art teacher

     Ms. Patricia  Ballast

 The goal of the Art program at Hickman Elementary is to educate, encourage, kindle and inspire interest in the visual arts. To accomplish this Art class is full of fun and challenging projects based on artist and art history. Throughout the year, the students are taught about different art elements  such as line, value and form to create Artwork. Students in 4th and 5th grade are given the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of art with the use of different mediums.