Hillside earned TEA distinctions for 2022 in ELAR and math, top 25% for closing the gap and postsecondary readiness

Hillside Academy for Excellence recieved an A rating from the Texas Education Agency for 2022.

Hillside's 2022 Distinction Designations are:

  • English Language Arts/Reading Academic Achievement
  • Mathematics Academic Achievement
  • Top 25 percent in comparative closing the gaps
  • Postsecondary readiness
Hillside Academy strives to ensure that every student has the opportunity to reach his/her academic potential and to develop self-control, self-respect, and respect for others.


Hillside students participate in rigorous classroom instruction daily, including STEAM activities that allow students to use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math skills. These activities help our students obtain future ready skills. Each grade level was given a different challenge where students had to work together with their team to design a working product.

  • Kindergarten designed a working maze for a marble to go through from start to finish.
  • 1st grade was challenged to use recycled materials to design a parachute that safely carried a gummy bear.
  • 2nd graders use recycled materials to design the Big Bad Wolf, a product that would create a puff of air strong enough to move a large marshmallow.
  • 3rd graders were given the task to build a car that runs on only air.

Winners from each grade level were chosen and will compete in the district STEAMposium. Creativity and innovation are key to the engineering design process.

STEAM Photos

Students working on project
Students smiling
Students blowing up balloons
Students blowing up balloons
Students ready to let balloons go to power car
Students ready to let balloons go to power car
More students with balloons


The Texas Performance Standard Project (TPSP) provides differentiated instruction to gifted/talented students. Each Hillside student participated in a TPSP inquiry project this year.

Hillside teachers use the TPSP to guide independent learning experiences and research projects. A TPSP Showcase night was held where every student was able to display their individual products.

Various student artwork for TPSP Showcase


Technology in the classrooms and beyond

Students at Hillside visit the computer lab several times a week. Grade levels Kinder - 3rd have iPads available to them on a daily basis, and 4th and 5th graders have laptops and ChromeBooks available. Hillside has two computer labs, as well as computers available to students in the library.

Hillside teachers are constantly looking for new ways to keep students engaged, learn technology and future ready skills, and ensure that our students are college and career ready. At Hillside, we believe students should learn to use technology to enhance education and learn the importance of digital citizenship.

Students working on computers

Hour of code

Hillside Academy participated in the worldwide event, Hour of Code. Students learned to code using a program. allows students to learn coding through fun videos and games.


STAAR elementary testing

Please visit the district site to see dates for testing.

Learning at home

myOn logo

Students are able to use GISD resources for at home learning and fun by using the GISD Ready Hub. myON is a personalized digital library that gives students access to more than 7,000 digital books. Here are the directions to read myON at home.

Pebble Go logo

PebbleGo is a non-fiction resource that students love. They can learn about animals, health, social studes or science. Mrs. Shelton, our school librarian, was able to purchase a subscription to PebbleGo for the 2023-24 school year using our book fair profits. Here are the directions to login to PebbleGo at home.

Online resources

Skyward Key

Skyward is our student information system.  Use Skyward Family Access to find student grades, attendance and more.


Dimension U logo

DimensionU consists of four engaging and interactive multiplayer video games that focus on core skills in math and literacy. Each game is designed with unique features that bring out distinct academic and strategic skills in students.

Khan academy logo

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.