Fifth grade

Meet the teachers:


From left to right: 

5th grade teachers

Ms. Harshman, Mrs. Sanchez, Mrs. Snowden, Ms. Walters


Ms. Harshman 

Ms. Sanchez

Mrs. Snowden 

Ms. Walters


Conference Time: 2:35-3:15
Lunch Time 12:40-1:05
Recess Time: 12:10-12:35

5th Grade Events and Celebrations:

  • Winter Celebration (December)

  • Valentine’s Day Celebration (February)

  • Yearbook Signing (May)

  • Promotion Celebration (last day of school)

  • Hawaiian Falls (last day of school after Promotion Celebration: non-school event, organized by parent volunteers)

Snack Time: Yes. Students can bring healthy snacks. Students are NOT allowed to share snacks with others. Please be mindful of messy snacks. Water only & NO nuts.
Homework: Yes, but varies by teachers. 
Parent Volunteers: Walk Up Wednesdays. Thank you!

Tutorials: Parents will be notified by teachers if the students need additional support in Math & Reading. Tutorials are after school on Mondays & Tuesdays from 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. Please be respectful of pick up time. Thank you!

 Dismissal Changes: Please provide a written note/email in advance with any changes to how your child will be dismissed. No changes allowed after 3:00. 

Things to work on year round: 

  • Read (20+ minutes daily)

  • Multiplication/Division Facts

  • Imagine Reading

  • Khan Academy

  • myOn

  • Discovery Education

  • Education Galaxy

  • Study classroom journal notes

  • Zearn