Fourth grade

Meet the teachers

4th grade teachers  Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Johnson-Lightsey, Mrs. Esme Jimenez, Mr. Jackson 

Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Johnson-Lightsey, Mrs. Esme Jimenez, Mr. Jackson 

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Daily schedule

  • Conference Time: 1:45-2:35
  • Lunch Time: 12:20-12:50 
  • Recess Time: 12:50-1:20 

4th grade topics


  • Place value with decimals

  • Adding and Subtracting decimals

  • 2-Step problems

  • Geometry and Measurement

  • Fractions

  • Khan Academy

  • Imagine Math

  • Prodigy Math

We differentiate with depth, complexity, and compacting the curriculum.

English Language Arts Reading

  • Evidence (informational text)

  • Central ideas and inferences

  • Sentence structure

  • Comparing genres

  • Parts of speech

  • Grammar Usage 

(their, there, they’re, doesn’t and don’t, too, two, to, your and you’re)

Mechanics (punctuations)

Social Studies

  • Regions of Texas

  • Native American Groups

  • First Missions in Texas

  • Texas Battles

  • Texas Oil, Railroads, Cowboys

  • Texas Government


  • Organisms and Environments

  • Force, Motion, and Energy

  • Earth’s Patterns 

  • Matter

  • Moon and Weather Patterns

  • We also participate in the GISD STEAM challenges, as well as utilizing performance projects and EiE curriculum for the magnet students.

As part of the magnet program, we also integrate Texas Performance Standards Projects (TPSP) to make connections with the real world in all areas of curriculum.