Hillside houses

Here at Hillside Academy for Excellence, we have established a House System. Every student and staff member is divided into one of four houses. The house system forms a community and family feeling that encourages school and house pride.

Shield depiciting the four Hillside houses


  • to encourage positive behavior
  • to build a community across grade levels and throughout the school
  • to teach students the importance of their role in a community

Hillside houses

House  Color Mascot Trait
Amable green wolf friendship
Creativo purple dragon creativity
Sabio blue owl wisdom
Valeroso orange lion courage

This year, our Hillside houses will have a focus of giving back to the community. Students in each house will learn what it means to be part of a community, and the responsibilities of the community citizens. Community projects this year will include 

Community service


School activities, events and programs