Physical education

Physical Education and Health at Hillside Academy

Physical activity, exercise and healthy nutrition are crucial for our students' physical, mental and social-emotional wellbeing. That is why here at Hillside Academy we strive to enhance not only academic instruction but also help our students create healthy habits for a lifetime. Our students participate in low to moderate and high intensity physical activity classes two to three times a week depending on the group. 

Class rules

  • Pay attention and follow instructions
  • Ask for permission to use the restroom or drink water.
  • Chewing gum or eating is not allowed in the gym. 
  • Wear proper athletic clothes and shoes.


  • Have fun
  • RESPECT yourself and others with what you say and what you do. Including how you treat the equipment and facilities.
  • Be honest, give your BEST effort, physically and mentally every day. 
  • Participate in all activities with a positive attitude. 
Always remember to be respectful, responsible and do your best.
Kids learning soccer skills in the gym
Kids in a PE class outside
Kids learning soccer skills in the gym