Physical education

Coach Bass


P.E. is important at Hillside Academy

From Coach Bass:

I am from Puerto Rico and moved to Texas back in 2014. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from the Universidad Ana G. Mendez.

I truly believe in the healing power of physical activity, exercise and good nutrition. That's why here at Hillside we strive to enhance not only academic instruction but also to help our students create healthy habits and make healthy choices for a lifetime.

Please view the letter that is sent out to parents at the beginning of each school year to be informed of expectations and guidelines to keep students safe.


Class Rules and Expectations


1. Pay attention and follow instructions.

2. Always ask for permission to use the restroom or drink water.

3. Chewing gum or eating is NOT allowed in the gym.

4. Students must wear proper athletic clothes and shoes (no Heelys allowed at school).


1. RESPECT yourself and others with what you say and what you do.Including equipment and facilities.

2. Be honest and give your BEST effort, physically and mentally, every day.

3. Participate in all activities with a positive attitude.

Be respectful, responsible and do your best.