Physical education


P.E. is important at Hillside

P.E. is an integral part of your child's week at school. Every student at Hillside Academy will go to P.E. three times a week for a period of 45 minutes during their Specials time. Each week, one student from each homeroom is picked to be the P.E. Star of the Week. This is given to students that try their best in various P.E. activities and follow the P.E. expectations. These students get to lead exercises, be the first student to line up at the end of class, as well as receive a bookmark and a surprise at the end of the week.

Please view the letter that is sent out to parents at the beginning of each school year to be informed of expectations and guidelines to keep students safe.



Student stacking cups into a tall pyramid

Coach Becker and some of our awesome Hillside students represented our campus at Lyles Middle School Saturday, the 6th, during a community open house event. Ms. Shaw, one of many administrators at Lyles, sent an invitation to Christi asking to showcase our kids cupstacking after seeing them at a GISD board meeting. She told me she was impressed with the kids ability to maintain their composure while they stacked and that she could see their confidence even when fumbling and that it spoke highly of the sports ability to teach perseverance.

A wide range of students, GISD employees, and even Board Member Larry Glick watched as our kids demonstrated cupstacking (and awesome behavior!). Coach Becker spoke to a packed house of the benefits of the sport and highlighted students, both past and present, who own state and world records (failing to mention her own!). After the demonstration, the audience was invited to come by and stack for themselves while the kids taught.

We were very impressed with the campus and the staff.  Teachers had tables set up with information about the college they themselves attended. The kids learned about campuses as close as UNT and as far away as Kansas State! It was really a great experience for the kids and parents.

Physical Education News 

We have many fun things to learn and do in P.E. at Hillside. In order to do these things safely, we have some basic guidelines for each student. 

  1. Talk at appropriate times.
  2. Sit correctly during instruction and dismissal. 
  3. Participate in all activities. 
  4. Avoid using vulgar language or gestures. 
  5. Treat teachers and other students with respect. 
  6. Wear the correct P.E. shoes and clothes. 
  7. Run and play at appropriate times. 
  8. Whistle Stop (stop, sit, and listen when the whistle blows). 
  9. Show good sportsmanship. 
  10. Respect equipment.
  11. Follow directions of teachers.