Instructor: Arezou Laridijani 

Meet your art teacher

September 2020: 

Per Fine Arts department students are to use the supplies from their supply list during art.  

Face to Face Students: Please bring either a supply box or supply bag (or a zip lock bag) with their materials in them. Pencil, Eraser, whatever coloring supplies (Crayons, Markers, Color Pencils), and scissors. If they don't have some things yet, no worries. They will bring them back to the homeroom class once done with art. Students do NOT need them to bring paper. 

Hillside students in all grade levels receive high quality weekly instruction in the visual arts. The art program is based on a comprehensive curriculum and is aligned with the state TEKS for art. Students create works of art using a variety of materials, methods, and skills. They also learn about the history of art, learn to critically engage with art, and learn how to analyze and interpret works of art.

Hillside Academy is represented each year in the GISD Elementary Art Show. Many examples of student art from all grade levels are selected to be exhibited.


Instructional focus

Some of the artists that will be discussed this year include:

Artwork by Van Gogh
Artwork by Ringgold
Artwork by Kahlo
Painting by Kandinsky
Vincent Van Gogh Faith Ringgold Frida Kahlo Wassily Kandinsky  

Our Hillside Academy Eagles are given the opportunity to soar to great heights artistically. To support higher order thinking strategies and promote visual literacy, the students engage in discussions about artworks. As the students explore artworks from around the world they will develop an understanding and appreciation for people and cultures different from their own.


By providing a supportive environment, the Hillside art program allows students to develop positive self-esteem and identity through their art-making. The art teachers strive to ensure all students are able to reach their full creative potential.

Hillside students showing off artwork

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” –Pablo Picasso