Enriched art

Enriched Art teacher Ms. Harms

Instructor: Laura Harms

Academy students who qualify for the Gifted & Talented program as Talented Artistically in Art may receive services by participating in Enriched Art class.

The Enriched Art curriculum focuses on art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics.

Students participating in Enriched Art can expect to:

  • Learn about and investigate art
  • Create works of art
  • Write about art
  • Talk about art

Contact Information: Enriched Art instructor Laura Harms.

Contact Information: For more information please contact the Gifted & Talented Department.

Grade level activities

Second grade students with artwork

Second grade Enriched Art students stand proudly in front of their display of Expressionists printmaking.

Third grade students making jewelry

3rd Grade Enriched Art students create jewelry inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany, using polymer clay, wire, and beads.

Fourth grade students weaving with yarn

Fourth grade Enriched Art students create weaving inspired by the Maya.