Enriched music

Instructor: Jennifer Knudsen 
Ms. Knudsen is overjoyed to get to work with the wonderful students at Hillside!
Ms. Knudsen has taught music for 19 years, has a Bachelor and Master in Music Education. She is the Artistic Director and Head Director for the 5th Grade Choir for the Garland Children’s Chorus.  She has also completed Level 1 in Kodaly and is certified in Orff Schulwerk – both at Southern Methodist University. 
Enriched music is a class offered as part of the Gifted and Talented Program at Hillside Academy for Excellence for students that have been identified as either “Talented” or “Promising” in music. Students in 1st through 5th grade are serviced by attending extra music classes during the week which are intended to broaden their knowledge and experiences in music. These experiences include performing, creating, moving and listening.

Students are taught using a combination of both Kodály and Orff-Schulwerk approaches. While singing is a fundamental part of enriched music, students also play a variety of instruments and explore music and movement through folk dance and improvisation. Students also spend time creating/composing their own musical ideas and participate in small projects throughout the year.


Students playing xylophones
Students playing the xylophone.