Policies & procedures

Dress code

Sam Houston students must wear standardized dress for 2024-2025 school year. Standardized dress is made up of clothing that meets a particular description but is not a specific brand of clothing. Any brand is fine as long as no logos or brand names are visible. Clothing is expected to be clean, neat, properly fitted, with all hems intact. The dress code will be enforced beginning the first week of school.

  • Shirts: Only solid color RED, WHITE, or NAVY BLUE polo-style shirts with buttons
    • Collared knit polo style: two button or snap with long or short sleeves
    • Sleeveless shirts are not appropriate
    • Shirts must be of appropriate size and fit
    • No torn, ripped, cut or altered shirts allowed
    • No tall “T”s
    • No logos, writing, designs, or piping/stripes allowed.
  • Sweaters: Red, white and navy blue. Dress code compliant shirts must be worn underneath sweaters/hoodies. 
    • Must be appropriately sized in the shoulders, sleeves and length
    • Pullover, button, snap, zipper style
    • Must be a standardized color if worn in the classroom (exception: College hoodies)
    • No hood allowed
  • Pants and shorts: Only NAVY BLUE or KHAKI pants or shorts. NO jeans except on designated days.  
    • Pants must be worn at the waist and be properly hemmed (NO sagging)
    • No jeans (except on spirit day or free dress day as students qualify)
    • No sweatpants, wind pants, warm-ups, or coveralls
    • All pants/slacks must be of appropriate size and fit
    • Girls may wear capris
    • Pant cuffs may not be rolled tightly around ankle
    • No cut, ripped, torn, or altered pants/slacks allowed
    • Hem of short must be knee length or longer
  • Skirts, skorts, or jumpers:
    • Girls may wear skirts/skorts/ jumpers
    • Must be knee length or longer
    • Must have a finished hemline
    • Skirts may have a kick-pleat or slit which opens no higher than 2 inches above the top of the knee cap
    • Must wear a standardized shirt under jumpers
  • Shoes, socks, shoestrings: Tennis shoes, boots, loafers, dress shoes of any color  
    • Shoes must enclose the entire foot. No open toed or mule type shoes (slides). Shoes must match
    • No sandals, flip flops, house shoes, or slides
    • Socks must be worn with all footwear (appropriate colored hose, tights, and leggings are appropriate for girls)
    • Tennis shoes with socks are necessary for PE class
    • Shoes that use laces may have ANY color laces
    • Laces/ Velcro must be properly fastened/ tied
  • Other guidelines:
    • No spandex or stretch type materials
    • Caps, hats, dew rags, and head coverings are not allowed inside the building
    • No sunglasses, gloves, hand, or arm coverings are to be worn inside the building
    • Any type of backpack will be permitted for school use
    • NO tote/beach bags may be carried to class
    • No excessive jewelry.
    • The following are not to be worn on campus:
      • Bandanas (any color)
      • Large objects hanging around the neck (including medallions)
      • Sweat bands/ armbands, wrist bands (worn on arms, head or legs)
      • Studded, or spiked: neck wraps, belts, chains, or jewelry
      • Chains as belts or attached to wallets
      • Face, body and hair glitter
      • Black or blue lipstick or dark lip liner around the lips
      • Contacts that give off an unnatural appearance such as cat eyes
      • Tattoos and body/face stickers

*Administrators will have complete and final judgment on all matters concerning interpretation of the dress code. Matters concerning appearance and dress not specifically covered above shall be within the discretion of the administration. Any hairstyle or attire deemed a distraction by the administration is unacceptable. The dress and grooming codes outlined above are not optional. Students will be given disciplinary consequences if they do not follow the dress and grooming codes up to and including placement in “the hold”, or Saturday school.

Bus transportation frequently asked questions

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Sam Houston tardy policy

Tardy Consequence
4th Conference with Student and Lunch Detention
5th Conference with Student and Lunch Detention
6th and above

2 hour after school detention on Tuesday or Thursday for each tardy


Online Student Services Requests

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  • Abigail Valle
  • Campus number: 972-926-2640
    • extension: 50403
  • AValle@garlandisd.net

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