Soil sampling

Soil Remediation Summary Report - 9/12/22 (PDF)

Letter shared with Sam Houston families about EPA report

Aug. 9, 2021

Dear Sam Houston Middle School Families and Staff:

We strongly believe in keeping our students, families, staff and community informed and safe.  

Clean Up Garland first apprised the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Garland ISD of potential contamination from the former Globe-Union Inc. battery manufacturing facility, formerly located at 1111 South Shiloh Road, Garland, Texas.  As a result, testing was completed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Terracon and the EPA.  The EPA notified us on July 21, 2021 that they found elevated levels of arsenic in portions of the campus grounds at Park Crest Elementary.  Both the EPA and Terracon found elevated levels of lead in areas of the creek near Park Crest Elementary.  Please be assured that we are working with the EPA on removing this contamination.  Details and updates can be found at

While there is no evidence to indicate Sam Houston Middle School has any lead or arsenic contamination, out of an abundance of caution Garland ISD will test the campus for lead and arsenic contamination, based on its proximity to Park Crest Elementary. 

Thank you for your continued partnership as we strive to do what is best for our students and employees. We are here to support you and have established a dedicated email for your questions or concerns about Houston Middle School:


Paul Gonzales, Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Construction Services

Additional communication

Project timeline

Date Event
11/11/21 Project kick-off meeting
11/15/21-12/1/21 Initial soil sampling
2/9/22-2/10/22 Additional soil sampling
3/8/22 Third round of soil sampling
5/22 Findings reported to public
5/22-7/22 Contaminated soil removed
Fall 2022 Parking lot development

See image below for areas around Houston Middle School that have had soil samples taken.

Houston Middle School numbered land plots for soil sampling