Hudson Highlights

At Hudson Middle School, we have so many people who make a positive impact at our campus every day.  We are proud to be part of the Hudson Middle School family everyday.  

We were presented with a check from Garland Education Foundation for raising the MOST money as a middle school! We also had 100% participation and named Most Improved middle school!

Our Hawks were awarded the myON Reading Championship trophy for reading the most minutes for the second six weeks with 3,269 hours and 52 minutes read. Changing the world with literacy!

At Hudson, we are working hard to promote kindness and display positive messages so our students know how much they are loved.  So proud of our students who created their vision and the support of our Hudson PTA for making it happen.

Our Hudson PTA takes such excellent care of our Hudson Hawks. As one example our Hawks faculty were treated to a delicious Thanksgiving luncheon.


Our National Junior Honors Society and Hudson Builders Club collected socks and toiletries for our community during October.  Both organizations are collecting food and toys for our community in November and December of this year.

On November 22, we had Hudson Hawk parents and faculty involved in a "Welcoming Walk" to continue to build successful parent/school relationships.  We had the best parent turnout so far for Garland ISD's Welcoming Walks.