School spirit & history


On August 21, 1992, Hudson Middle School opened its doors to students for the first time.  Named for Berry Garner Hudson, who served the district from the early 1950's until 1986, the school is built with a façade resembling early country school houses.  It was at this time, and continues to be one of the most beautiful schools in the district with its stately columns out front and impressive foyer just inside. The Red, Black, and White colors were chosen by the inaugural principal, Ms. Sara Jane Johnson, and the Red Tail Hawk, indigenous to the area, became the mascot.  One can still spot an occasional hawk proudly surveying the grounds.The original small but crack staff, assembles by Ms. Johnson, spent their first Hudson in-service in temporary quarters, and used the final days leading up to the opening helping maintenance crews to hang chalkboards and put furniture together. Several rooms, chiefly fine and industrial arts, were so incomplete they had to be quartered in other classrooms temporarily, which was easy as only half the classrooms were actually being utilized.The student enrollment that first year was so small (just over 600) the entire 8th grade class had their names posted on the back of a commemorative t-shirt, the brainchild of assistant principal Charles Rose. at the conclusion of the year.  The faces and names have changed throughout the years, but the honor and pride remains the same at Hudson Middle School.