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Middle school can challenging for both students and parents. The middle school years are filled with developmental milestones and academic expectations that can feel overwhelming. We want you to know that your counselor is here to help you navigate the next three years. We are professional educators with a mental health perspective who understand middle school students. 
Please email your counselor directly should you need assistance: Kristin Holder, Malexi Garcia, Kristy Roland.  

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Get to know your counselors

Sixth grade counselor

Picture of Kristin Holder

Mrs. Holder grew up in Garland and attended GISD schools. This is her twenty second year in education and her sixteenth year as a school counselor. Mrs. Holder has three children and one grandchild. When she isn't working Mrs. Holder enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and traveling to new places. 

Kristin Holder
6th Grade Counselor
B.S. Education
M.S. Counseling

Phone: (972) 675-3070 ex 52208


Seventh grade counselor

Picture of Malexi Garcia

 Mrs. Garcia grew up in Garland and attended Garland schools. This is her fourteenth year in education and her sixth year as a school counselor. Mrs. Garcia has been married for twelve years and has a daughter who attends Sewell Elementary. When she isn't working, Mrs. Garcia enjoys working out, reading, and spending time with her family. 

 Malexi Garcia
   7th Grade Counselor
   B.S. Education
   M.E. Counseling

Phone: (972) 675-3070 ex 52214


Eighth grade counselor

Ms. Roland portrait

Mrs. Roland is from Garland and attended GISD schools. This is Mrs. Roland's thirty second year in education and she has been the counselor at Hudson for twenty-six years! She has been married for thirty years, has three children, and one granddaughter. When she isn't working, Mrs. Roland enjoys hanging out with family, babysitting her granddaughter, boating, and working out.

Kristi Roland
8th Grade Counselor
B.S. Education
M.S. Counseling

Phone: (972) 675-3070 ex 52211


Mission statement 

The mission of the Hudson Middle School Counseling Department is to provide a proactive, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program to address students' academic and career goals in addition to supporting their personal and social needs.  This is accomplished through a partnership with parents/guardians, staff, and community members to enable all students to become successful, productive citizens and lifelong learners in a diverse and changing world.

Vision statement

The Hudson Middle School Counseling Department will empower all students to reach their maximum potential by using a comprehensive program that addresses academic, personal/social, and career goals.  We will promote an environment to encourage personal inquiry and growth, social responsibility, and academic excellence.  School counselors believe that every student can succeed through the collaborative efforts of school, home, and community leading to responsible and productive citizenship in the 21st century.

What can my counselor do for me?

Your counselor is someone who you will want to get to know because he/she can assist you as you progress through middle school. Make an appointment to see your counselor.

Counselors will help you by:

  • reviewing your choice of subjects each spring during registration (February - April)
  • helping solve academic scheduling problems
  • providing study skills and academic information
  • providing career and college information
  • helping in teacher/student relationships
  • helping cope with family issues
  • listening to concerns about friends, etc.
  • giving you information about life and decision-making skills
  • referring you to people or places outside of school for help if necessary
  • being your advocate – counselors are here for you!

Counselors for each campus are certified by the state of Texas in School Counseling, have a Master’s Degree, and previous teaching experience. Each middle school has two guidance counselors to help ensure that adequate support for helping students to succeed and meet their goals is available.

In addition, each middle school campus has a student services specialist - Responsive Services Counselor. Campus Responsive Services counselors have had additional training in specialty areas to help students maintain and choose a healthy lifestyle. They provide counseling, support groups, presentations, prevention activities, classroom guidance, and crisis intervention for students.

Visit the district website for more information about the GISD Guidance & Counseling and Responsive Services programs.


No student should be subjected to bullying or harassment that interferes with their ability to learn or their safety.

Visit the Bullying Prevention and Investigation page on the district website for more information and resources.

Anonymous Alerts®

You can use the Anonymous Alerts® webform or mobile app to quickly, easily and anonymously report bullying, cyberbullying and other sensitive topics to school officials.

Anonymous Alerts® is monitored by GISD Security 24-hours daily and should only be used for serious and urgent matters. In the event of an emergency or life-threatening event, always call 911.

Submit an Anonymous Alert®

Download the app

To place a report from a mobile device, first download the free Anonymous Alerts® app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Then open the app and enter activation code garlandisd.

Request accommodations for testing

Students with documented disabilities have the opportunity to request assistance for their tests in the form of an accommodation.

See the PSAT and SAT page on the district website for more information.