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The Math, Science Technology (MST) magnet provides technology-enhanced learning and offers students unique opportunities including: 

  • Special projects and competitions
  • Introduction to forensic science
  • Exclusive Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Gateway to Technology coding class
  • Robotics competitions
  • Participation in Discovery Education’s STEM program.
  • High school credit for MST Algebra I, Geometry, Principles of Architecture & Construction, Principles of Hospitality & Tourism, Principles of Human Services, Principles of Arts/AV, Principles of Engineering, and Spanish I, II, III & IV (Spanish IV for college credit).
  • Extended Day enrichment classes such as: Web 2.0, Math Magic, Video Club, Game Masters and more.

See the How are we unique? section below for more information about how our MST program and campus provide a unique middle school experience.

Who are we?

For years, the rule in school has always been to “do your own work” with classroom subjects treated as individual topics.  In the professional workplace, traditional practices have evolved to incorporate more teamwork and utilize a variety of information to reach common goals.  The math, science, and technology magnet program in Garland ISD was designed with these developing methods in mind.

For 6th-8th grade students enrolled in the MST program, courses use honors level curriculum enriched through extensive technology use.   21st century skills and strategies are implemented and there are many opportunities for students to work in cooperative groups for “real world”, hands-on problem-solving. Problem-based learning is emphasized through projects that interest students and have relevance for them. In the school technology lab, students discover the excitement and promise of technology as it relates to everyday work and leisure. 

The MST classes utilize various technology including Chrome books, blogs, flipped learning, TI-Inspire, and flip video. Numerous educational apps are employed in MST and other courses. All teachers utilize google classroom.

How do we invite students?

To be invited to the MST Program at Jackson, students must:

  • Score at the 75th  percentile or above in both reading and math on MAPS (Measures of Academic Progress)
  • Pass all sections of  STAAR
  • Have math and science grades of 80 or above on end of year report card
  • Have no serious discipline problems

How are we unique?

What makes Jackson Technology Center different from other GISD middle schools?

Special projects and competitions

Jackson offers MST students opportunities to participate in classroom projects and special competitions: Examples are: Rube Goldberg Simple Machines Project, bridge construction, dissections, roller coaster project, water rocket construction, hot air balloon project, Viking Science Challenge , and STEAM Challenge.


Students learn the introductory aspects of Forensic Sciences such as fingerprinting, hair and fiber analysis, blood typing, blood spatter, DNA and deductive reasoning. Field trips to UNT Forensic Sciences Department are scheduled when possible. (7th Grade elective course offering for MST students).


Students can enroll in MST Arts, A/V Technology and Communications and work in the areas of desktop publishing, digital photography, digital video editing, radio broadcasting, video production, and web development. Students will work in the TV Production Studio and present our JTC Announcements.  Students may also enroll in MST Introduction to Concepts of Engineering Technology. Students will use a variety of computer hardware and software applications on a design team to develop a product or system.

GTT (PLTW) coding class

Gateway to Technology is offered at Jackson. This course is a project-based program specializing in automation and robotics and design and modeling, concepts of engineering, green architecture, and medical detectives Students can continue this program at North Garland High School. Coding for high school credit is also offered at Jackson.


Students work with the Vex robotics systems and compete in competitions (both in and out of district).

Discovery Ed

Jackson is one of only a handful of schools in the U.S. participating in Discovery Ed’s STEM program.


Jackson is one of only three middle schools offering string orchestra as part of the school Fine Arts program.  Instruction is offered on violin, viola, cello and bass, for skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced/honors levels.  Participation is free of charge. This elective course is offered during the school day.


AVID students at Jackson


This elective course provides college-bound students the additional training in writing, study skills, note-taking, and critical analysis which are needed to be successful in rigorous academic studies.  AVID students are required to be enrolled in at least one Pre-AP or AP course. College visits, tutors, and assistance are also a part of the program. AVID is offered in 7th and 8th grades.

High school credit

Jackson students can take courses at Jackson for their high school credit. These courses include—MST Algebra I, Geometry, Spanish I, II, & III (A/B), Principles of Human Services, Principles of Architecture & Construction, and Principles of Hospitality & Tourism, Principles of Engineering Technology. AP Spanish IV (for college credit) is also offered. 

Advanced Placement courses

Students that speak Spanish as a first language are able to take a Credit by Exam for Spanish I and Spanish II.  Students can then take Spanish III Pre-AP as a 7th grader, and Spanish IV AP as an 8th grader.  Students will receive 4 credits towards their required language credits in high school.  At the end of their 8th grade year, Spanish IV AP students take the AP Exam to possibly receive college credit as well. (based on score). Advanced math courses offered: 6th grade Advanced Math, 7th grade Algebra I and 8th grade Geometry for high school credit.

Extended Day

Each semester classes are offered after school on Tues./Thurs for enrichment. Bus transportation for MST students is provided.  Examples of classes are: Arts and Crafts, Iron Chef, Sportsmanship, Web 2.0, Improv, Math Magic, Video Club, Community Club, Game Masters, Cheer 101, Alternate Universe, Dub step music, garden club.

House System

Students at Jackson are divided into one of five different “houses” which compete for points throughout the school year.  The house system promotes camaraderie, friendship, strength and character, community service, knowledge, and going after your dreams. 

Houses are: Vinnatta, Strykr, Gefandi, Kunnandi, and Dramur.

Leadership experiences are provided through numerous clubs and the Viking Leadership Challenge. Learn more about JTC's House System!

Interested in applying?

Each magnet program offers information meetings at their campus so that interested parents and students can visit, meet the staff and learn more about the unique aspects of their program.

Please contact our campus staff at (972) 494-8362.
Feel free to ask any and all questions regarding our magnificent MST Program!

Learn more about the magnet program application process and timelines.