Loss of Privileges - English

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"Loss of privilege"

Students may not attend and/or participate in extracurricular school activities on or off campus before, during, or after school. Events include:

·            Assemblies

·            Field Trips

·            Games (Attending)

·            Spirit Dress

·            Dances

·            Extended Day

·            Pep Rallies

·            Productions

·            Other as determined by administration


How does a student get listed on the Loss of Privileges list?

·          Unpaid fines and fees

·          7 or more tardies in a given grading cycle

·          3 dress code violations that resulted in an office referral

·          3 cellphone violations

·          3 days in the Hold

·          1 or more days in P.A.S.

·          1 suspension

·          other reasons deemed appropriate by school administration


How does a student get off of the Loss of Privileges list?

To Regain Privileges, Students must

·         Maintain 3 weeks of good behavior.  For example, if a student is placed on LOP list for tardies, they will only be eligible if they do not get any tardies for 3 weeks.

·         Apply when eligible:  students should apply for reinstatement of privileges after demonstrating 3 weeks of good behavior.  An administrator will deny or approve the request. Application forms will be located in the front office.

·         Exceptions to the three-week-rule.

    o    Students who lose privileges based on unpaid fines and fees will be removed once the fine/fee is paid.



Suspensions and District Alternative Education placements will supersede any eligibility rights. Students who have been suspended will only be allowed to regain their privileges for an extended amount of time (6 weeks, semester, etc...). Any action that warrants a placement to the DAEP or JJAEP will result in the loss of privileges for the remaining semester.