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Parent Involvement Policy - 2018-2019

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Jackson Technology Center for Math and Science

Parent Involvement Policy, 2018-19

Jackson Technology Center for Math and Science (JTC) recognizes that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school and family during the entire period the child spends in school.  To support the goal that all children succeed academically and in life, the school and parents must work together as partners.

Parents will help design JTC’s parental involvement policy.  JTC’s Campus Improvement Team (CIT) will be involved in the finalizing of the parent involvement policy, as well as the campus improvement plan.  These will be reviewed at regularly scheduled CIT meetings, and parents will be encouraged to share their voice at various parent events, such as:

  • Title 1/Meet The Teacher Night
  • Subject area/Grade level curriculum nights if applicable
  • Parent University
  • Meet the teacher night – Fall and Spring
  • PTA events including board meetings
  • Watch D.O.G.S.
  • Other events to be determined

JTC will encourage parents to solicit feedback and ideas as they attend these events.  An annual review, evaluation, and possible revision of the current parent involvement policy will occur as needed at the last CIT meeting in the spring 2019 semester for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

Parents will be provided information about Title I programs in an easily understood and uniform format.  This information will be made available on JTC’s website, as well as being made available in the front office.  JTC will also communicate with parents via:

  • School Messenger Phone System
  • Twitter
  • Notes sent home with students
  • School marquees
  • School website
  • P.T.A. Facebook page

Parents with disabilities will be provided information in alternative formats upon request whenever reasonably possible.  Parents will receive information in a language they can understand whenever reasonably possible. 

Information provided to parents about the Title I programs includes a description and explanation of the school’s curriculum, assessments, and achievement levels children are expected to reach.  The school will give parents this information, as well as have information sheets available in the front office, upon request.  This information will also be included on JTC’s website. 

Opportunities for regular meetings for parents to give suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions about the education of their children will be provided at the parent’s request (these are scheduled as needed).  The school will respond to any such suggestions as soon as reasonably possible.  Some scheduled events include:

  • CIT Meetings (Campus Improvement Team)
  • Curriculum nights
  • Parent University and/or ongoing Parent Education
  • PTA meetings (General meetings) and PTA board meetings (once a month)
  • Briefly (5 minutes) before other regularly scheduled events

Parents may submit to JTC administration any comments (in writing) if the school-wide plan is not satisfactory to the parents of children attending JTC.  Administration will then collect these comments, copy them, and send the originals to GISD Administration, attention Jon Armstrong (District Title I Parent Coordinator).

In order to build and support a strong partnership among the school, parents, and community, and to improve student achievement, JTC will do the following:


A.  JTC will help parents to better understand the state and district standards (TEKS), the state (STAAR), district, and school assessments, and how to monitor their child’s progress.  This will be accomplished through:

  • Progress Reports and Report Cards
  • Meet the Teacher Night
  • Grade Level Curriculum Nights/MST Nights
  • Parent Technology Education (i.e. Online grade book training)
  • 8th grade High School Transition meeting


B.  Materials and training to help parents work with their child will be provided by:

  • GISD’s Middle School College Night
  • GISD’s Health Fair
  • Parent University
  • Viking Camp and 8th grade High School Transition night


C.  Provide a parent involvement activity once each month.


D.  Professional development for teachers, principals, and other school staff will be provided, with the assistance of parents, in the following areas:

  • Value and utility of contribution of parents
  • How to reach out to, communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners
  • How to implement and coordinate parent program
  • How to build ties between parents and the schools


E.  JTC will work with other parental involvement programs when appropriate to integrate and coordinate parent involvement strategies.


F.  The campus Parent Involvement Liaisons (Jamie Maxey and Angela Noska) will make sure that information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent in a format that parents can easily understand and whenever reasonably possible, in a language that parents can understand. This includes meetings, assessment results, and invitations to school functions.


G.  Reasonable support for parental involvement activities will be provided, such as:

  • Accommodate PTA (or other parent group – band, choir, and athletics) needs for time, meeting area, furniture, etc...
  • Classrooms would be made available, upon request, to Boy Scout troops, Girl’s Club, etc. in compliance with district rental policies and procedures.


H.  Shared Responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement.


As part of the Campus parent Involvement Policy, a School-Parent Compact will be developed jointly with parents.  This compact will outline how parents, the entire school staff, and students will work together for improved student achievement.



Title 1: Federal program in which schools with a high percentage of at-risk population are provided with funds to address needs on the campus.

CIT/CIP: Campus Improvement Team/Campus Improvement Plan – State mandated site-based decision making where campus teachers, parents, community members work together for overall school improvement.

TEKS: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  This is the state-adopted curriculum and learning objectives for students in Texas public schools.

STAAR: State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness.  This is the state assessment (test) tool that is replacing the TAKS test.