Viking orchestra program

Welcome to Jackson's Orchestra! Orchestra handbooks are given to students within the first two weeks of school. The handbook contains the Orchestra calendar dates in addition to many details about the Orchestra program. Please keep it on hand for reference. Students should also use their Jackson planning agendas for any additional communication for all classes. Please make sure that all students have the supplies needed for Orchestra class. An instrument and bow (rental info has been given to students), a lint-free cloth, rosin, a shoulder rest or rockstop, a method book ($10.00 for Beginning, $11.00 for Intermediate, and $10.00 for Advanced and Honors), and a 1/2" 3-ring black binder.

Private lessons are offered weekly at an extra cost. Please contact Rebecca De Luna, Orchestra Director, for more information.

The Orchestra uses the Charms Office website to keep students up to date with sectionals, rehearsals, concerts and all other important dates, handouts and information.

  • The school code is: JTCOrchestra and the password will be your child's ID number (6 digits)

We also use remind so that you can get day before and day of reminders. All you have to do is text the class code to 81010 or look up the code on the app. The following are the class codes:

For all students (please join!) - @ee98gh

  • 2nd period violin- @3ecgk9
  • 3rd period Violin/Viola- @msrdelun
  • 3rd period Cello/Bass- @3b2eed
  • 4th period Intermediate- @9436e2
  • 5th Period Honors- @gffd2h
  • 6th period Intermediate- @msrdeluna
  • 7th period Advanced- @bk24ef
  • 8th period Violin/Viola- @72dg7h

The following are our google classroom codes. We post on these frequently with important reminders for each orchestra.

  • Beginning Violin and Viola- ppmqjrv
  • Beginning Cello/Bass (please join the violin/viola class above as well)- Cq3sk8
  • Intermediate- llp1l6
  • Advanced- 6bdm6g
  • Honors- Yyc0nmf

Contact Rebecca De Luna or Maria Morales for more info on the Jackson orchestra program.

Orchestra Awards

Orchestra UIL is a concert and sight reading performance. Each competing group prepares three pieces of music which will be evaluated by three judges. The same group of kids will then enter a room where they will get 7 minutes (non-varsity) or 8 minutes (varsity) to perform a piece for the first time. Three judges will evaluate for accuracy.

The Intermediate, Advanced and Honors Orchestras all received the SUPERIOR rating in Concert and Sight Reading categories. This is called a SWEEPSTAKES and it was the first time in Jackson history for all three competing groups to do this! It was also the only school in the region to take three groups and receive this award.

Advanced and Honor Orchestra received UIL Sweepstakes in the years 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Intermediate has received Sweepstakes in the years 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018