Clear Bag Policy

To help ensure a safe and respectful environment for guests, Garland ISD has put into effect a Clear Bag Policy for all GISD middle and high school athletic events and fine arts performances.  

Learn more on our Clear Bag Policy page.

VIKING athletes Go BIG!

7th & 8th grade cheerleaders of Jackson 2019-2020

Girls athletic coaches

  • Coach Ellis
  • Coach Godfrey
  • Coach Stephanie Foster

Boys athletic coaches

  • Coach Gotcher
  • Coach Benn
  • Coach Cummings
  • Coach Williams

2019-2020 Schedules

Be a senior citizen VIP 

With a special VIP pass, senior citizens over the age of 65 can get free general admission to many athletic and Fine Arts events.

Visit the Senior citizen VIP pass page for more details.