1st grade

5 first grade teachers with black keeley crew t-shirts

Pictured from left to right: Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. Antrop, Miss Sabree

Education for educators

College Teacher

University of Missouri-Columbia

Mrs. Corbett

University of North Texas & Texas A&M Commerce

Mrs. Entrop
University of Texas at Arlington Mrs. Hunt
Texas Woman's University Mrs. Jones
University of Texas at Arlington Miss Sabree

STEAM winners

The STEAM challenge for our 1st-grade students is to work in groups to design and construct a parachute that will safely land a passenger on a target from six feet in the air. Congratulations to our 1st and 2nd place teams. They will compete at the district STEAMposium in April.

Picture of two first graders holding their STEAM parachute

1st place team pictured from left to right: Mara Patterson and Liam May. Not pictured is Leah Martin.

Five 1st grade students holding their STEAM parachute they made.

2nd place team pictured from left to right: Amel Muskic, Vaughn Albsmeyer, Melahdy Ruiz, Hailie Tarter, Jack Redd.