4th grade

5 fourth grade teachers in their black keeley crew t-shirts

Pictured from left to right: Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Hines, Mrs. Potts, Mrs. Rudd, Mr. Elledge

Education for educators

College Teacher
Michigan State University Mr. Elledge 
Texas Woman's University & Louisiana College Mrs. Hines
University of North Texas & Texas Woman's University Mrs. Potts
West Texas State University Mrs. Rudd
University of North Texas Mrs. Scott

STEAM winners

The STEAM challenge for our fourth-grade students is to create a raft that can float and hold the greatest amount of mass using recyclable materials. 

Congratulations to our Keeley grade level STEAM champions! These students' rafts will compete at the district STEAMposium in April. 

Picture of 4 boys holding their STEAM raft.

1st place winners: Ethan George, Alex Peckham, Mack Smith, Justin Canady

Picture of 4 boys holding raft for their second place win.

2nd place winners: Phoenix Dunn, Isaiah Franco, Isaiah Abii, Joshua Carroll