At Keeley Elementary, there is a lot more to education than just learning in the classroom. Students have many opportunities to get involved outside the classroom which allows them to grow academically and socially as well as promoting self-confidence and leadership skills.

Clubs & organizations

CC club

CC stands for Cowboys with Character. This club was started by our counselor, Mrs. Wright, as a service club where 5th-graders help others and make a difference in our school. Students may join throughout the school year with permission from a parent and a recommendation from their teacher as to their outstanding character and kindness to others. The students must be able to stay after school for service projects. The club has really made an impact. Helping parents and new students at our porch party, starting the recycling program, and planning ways to make Keeley better are just a few of the things the CC Club has done. Please let Mrs. Berglund know if there is something this group of amazing kids can do to help you.

Honor choir

The Honor Choir consists of fourth and fifth grade students who just love to sing and want to develop their musical talent. Auditions are held at the beginning of every school year. The choir meets once a week after school for practice and participates at many functions and competitions throughout the school year. Please contact Miss Block, Keeley's Music teacher, for more information.

MakerSpace Monday

Are you a third, fourth, or fifth-grade student who is interested in engineering, building, creating, computer programming or crafting?  Then we have good news. MakerSpace Monday is a time to explore your interests and no registration is required.  You are not required to attend every week, but you must be in the school building by 7:35 a.m. to attend.  We hope to see you there.

Morning announcements

Keeley's morning announcements are broadcast live to all of the classrooms and are watched on the large projector screens by the whole student body every morning. The morning announcement crew, consisting of 5th-grade students, gather information, input the data to the teleprompter, adjust cameras and set up the software on the broadcast computer. Auditions for on-camera and technical positions are held at the end of every school year. For more information, please contact Mrs. Cox.

Safety patrol

The Safety Patrol at Keeley is fifth-grade students who are selected based on personal character and leadership skills. They have many responsibilities in the morning and afternoon. These include, but are not limited to, helping students in and out of their cars, getting families safely across the car exit and monitoring the incoming and outgoing student traffic in the hallways. There are two groups of Patrol members that rotate shifts about every six weeks. These helpful school community leaders have done wonders in creating a safe environment while developing lifelong skills that will propel them into success in their future endeavors. For more information, please contact Mr. Stampley.

STEM challenge club

STEM Club is a club for fourth and fifth-grade students who have an interest in science, technology, engineering and math. This club is an enjoyable way to involve students in these subjects. Students are given a task and are supplied with materials to design and construct the task. The students have created sail cars, magnetic hover cars, straw rockets, windmills, and many other things. There are usually about twelve sessions each school year and the students meet after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:10-4:10 p.m. Please contact Mrs. Riland for more information on this club.

School programs & activities

Accelerated reader

Keeley has great success with the AR program and we consider it to be a highly effective program for motivating students to read. The computer-based program gives students instant feedback when comprehension tests are taken. Accelerated Reader helps teachers guide kids to books that are on the students' individual reading level. 

Book fair

Our librarian, Mrs. Riland, hosts two book fairs a school year. These book fairs are held in our library and offer all students a wide range of titles for every level and interest. The book fairs usually last a week and all students and parents are invited.

Box Tops

Box Tops for Education is a program that is sponsored by General Mills and helps our school earn cash for books and technology equipment, just to name a few. We appreciate parents, grandparents, and friends clipping their box tops and sending them to the school office. The students who participate also have a chance to win prizes from our weekly drawing.

Field day

Keeley's field day is held in May. It is a fun filled day of indoor and outdoor activities such as bingo, water balloons, bounce houses, etc. It is hosted by our physical education department and is held rain or shine.

Field trips

A variety of field trips are planned and scheduled for each grade level throughout the school year. Students have visited museums, aquariums, zoos, the Arboretum, and Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park just to name a few excursions. The fifth-graders attend an overnight adventure camp at the end of every school year.

Food drive

Each October, we hold a month long food drive to help stock the food pantry at "Hope in Hand" in Rowlett. We build a huge mountain of canned and boxed foods in the front lobby which makes it fun as the students watch it grow. To help with participation, we offer various incentives such as extra recess and pizza parties.

Fun run

The fun run is a fund raising event that is held in the Spring. A company called Boosterthon has presenters on campus that teach character building to all students and challenges them to be better citizens. The "Fun Run" is held on the last day and students are asked to get pledges for each lap they run. All of the proceeds are spent on items needed at Keeley.

HERO week

The aim of HERO week is to increase student awareness of respecting classmates and exemplifying good citizenship, while focusing on the prevention of bullying in schools and communities. Keeley has many activities during that week that encourage self-confidence and respectful behavior towards others.

Jam the gym

This program, hosted by the Physical Education Department, invites a different grade level each month, along with the students' parents, to participate in an evening of fun. Most of the games are activities that the students have learned in class. Everyone brings lots of energy and tennis shoes are a must!

Red Ribbon week

During this week long event, Keeley has a variety of activities that are aimed at raising awareness on the benefits of preventing alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, and to promote a drug-free lifestyle for students.


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Our kindergarten through fifth-grade students participate in the STEAM challenge every year. Every grade level is assigned a different challenge. Some of the challenges have been building a car that powers with a rubberband, building a rollercoaster, and building bridges. The educational framework for STEAM is for all types of learners with the goal of being more engaging and naturally successful. Students compete at school and district level.

PTA sponsored programs & activities

  • Back to School Porch Party
  • Western Day
  • Christmas and Valentine's class parties
  • Pastries for Parents
  • Spring Carnival
  • Talent Show
  • Mother/Son Game Night
  • Daddy/Daughter Dance
  • Boo Grams