Red Ribbon Week
Red and white page ribbon that says Red Ribbon Week Activities
Day/Date Theme
Monday, Oct. 28 PUT A CAP ON DRUGS - Wear hats or baseball caps
Tuesday, Oct. 29 FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS-DON'T DO DRUGS - Wear pajamas to school or pj bottoms and T-shirt
Wednesday, Oct. 30 DON'T LET DRUGS MIX YOU UP - Wear mismatched clothes and socks to school.
Thursday, Oct. 31 SAY "BOO" TO DRUGS - Wear Halloween costumes. No scary masks/makeup from the neck up
Friday, Nov. 1 I'M READ-Y TO LIVE A DRUG FREE LIFE - Wear as much RED as you can

Several activities have been planned to help Keeley take part in this national celebration. Ribbons will be passed out to students on Monday to wear all week. Each ribbon is numbered and a random drawing will be held at the end of each day to award prizes promoting drug free lifestyles. Each student MUST be wearing the numbered ribbon to win.