U.S. Citizenship

On November 14, I had the honor to become an American citizen. My husband and kids recently received the same honor. We are so thankful to this nation that has given us so much. This is indeed the land of opportunities, the land of the free, and the home of the brave. 

It was a long journey. We came to Garland ISD in October 2012 with a work visa. Then, in 2016 we received the permanent residency, which is commonly known as "Green Card." After that, we had to wait 5 years with the green card to apply for citizenship, for which you have to be a model citizen. We applied in January 2022. Several months later, we had our interview and test. For the test, you have to study 100 questions related to Civics, Geography, and History. Then, they will ask you 6 of those questions. Everything went well, and we had to wait a little longer for our Oath Ceremony. It is a very emotional ceremony, in which you declare your allegiance to this country. I cannot believe I entered that building with a different nationality and came out as an American citizen. I am so humbled to be amongst all of you. The American people have treated us so well all these years, and I am so proud to call you all my fellow Americans. God bless the USA today and always!

Picture of Letty Arthur holding a small american flag