Why choose Keeley?

Our students are very successful and happy at Keeley because of the supportive and dedicated staff. This is a huge contributing factor to our continual "A" rating. We have a very low turnover in our student population. Many students and their siblings are here from Kindergarten through fifth-grade. In a few cases, the children of former students have made their way through Keeley as well. We also have former students that are now teachers here. We offer tutoring before and after school for those students who need a little boost. There are also clubs and groups to try out for and join. Safety Patrol, Honor Choir, Robotics and Morning Announcements are some examples. 

The cornerstone of Keeley's success is and has always been the staff and that starts from the very top with our principal and assistant principal. The people that have taught or still teach and work at Keeley are a unique group. Once you become part of Keeley, you stay. Over half of the current staff have been teaching for at least 17 years. The longest tenured staff member has been here for 30 years. Many of the retired staff come back to help out in some capacity. We are a family and are always willing to go above and beyond for each other and our students in celebration or loss.

Our campus mission has always been to strive to be the best. Committed staff, eager learners and supportive families have been crucial to what makes Keeley a special place. We will continue to work hard to accomplish this mission for years to come.