Physical education

Physical education classes are instructional class periods designed to meet performance guidelines set by the state. Our curriculum includes physical fitness, motor skills, rhythm skills, sequential gymnastics and skills related to games and sports as well as health topics pertaining to student health. Throughout the year, we incorporate special activities such as Family Fitness Night, Turkey Trot and Field Day.

Picture of the PE Team in Keeley T-shirts

Pictured from left to right: Mrs. Dillard, P.E. teacher, Mrs. Voelker, P.E. assistant, Miss Rodriguez, P.E. assistant

Safety guidelines

Students will be required to wear shoes that fasten securely to their feet. It is also necessary for girls to wear shorts under dress or skirts since boys and girls participate in physical education classes together. Students not following these guidelines will not be allowed to participate for that class period. These guidelines were established to ensure your child's safety and are not intended as punishment.

P.E. grades

Grades are assigned to students according to GISD grading policy. Grades are based on performance and participation in class. The letter grades of "S" (satisfactory) or "N" (needs improvement) are used.

Medical limitations

Please advise the school nurse/physical education department of any medical history or present condition that might limit your child's participation. If students cannot participate for an extended period of time, a note from the physician stating the number of days excused from P.E. is necessary. If notification from you or your physician is not presented, your child will be expected to participate.

Family Fitness nights

Family fitness nights is hosted by the Physical Education Department and is held twice in the spring after PTA meetings. Students and parents will be invited to participate in games and activities with their parents. Lots of energy and tennis shoes are a must.


Scooter fun

4th & 5th grade students on scooters in the gym
4th and 5th grade students in gym