Keeley's Art program includes projects introducing art mediums like painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics.  Students engage in two-dimensional and digital art.  These art projects will encourage global and cultural awareness. 

Picture of Art teacher in her keeley crew t-shirt

About our art teacher

Mrs. McMurphy joined the Keeley staff in 2019.  In art class, students learn about art history, new art mediums, and world cultures.  She looks forward to continuing to build the amazing art department at Keeley Elementary. 

Art Club

Bulletin board with watercolor pictures

Art club is offered to fifth-grade students at Keeley and is sponsored by Mrs. McMurphy. The students in art club will explore drawing, printmaking, comic books, and more. 


Music education at Keeley includes several learning concepts such as singing, playing instruments, reading music, creating music (with and without music software), as well as sharing music with the community through performance.  Keeley music students learn about music from other cultures and other time periods.  Most of all, students develop a passion for music that will stay with them throughout their lifetime.

Music teacher in her keeley crew T-shirt

About our music teacher

Miss Block has been a music teacher at Keeley since 1993.  She is responsible for monthly PTA performances, the Christmas program, Sandy Lake competitions, tree lighting ceremonies, and everything else that relates to the Fine Arts and Music. 

Honor Choir

Picture of honor choir on stage at PTA meeting

The Honor Choir at Keeley consists of fourth and fifth grade students who are chosen because of their musical talent as well as their outstanding behavior and leadership ability.  The choir performs at many functions and competitions throughout the school year.

Please welcome the newest members of our Honor Choir.

Rehearsal schedule

Choir rehearsals are every Tuesday from 3:10-4 p.m. unless otherwise specified. Arrangements will need to be made to pick up your son/daughter promptly at 4 p.m. 

Choir performances

The Keeley Cowboy Honor Choir will perform for PTA meetings in the fall and the spring, as well as at community holiday celebrations.  You will be notified of performance dates well in advance of performances. 


Be a senior citizen VIP 

With a special VIP pass, senior citizens over the age of 65 can get free general admission to many athletic and Fine Arts events.

Visit the Senior citizen VIP pass page for more details.