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Striving for excellence

We provide an enriched learning environment that gives all students the best opportunity to reach their full potential academically and creatively. At Kimberlin, we strive for excellence in all we do.

Recent News

Kimberlin celebrates Knights who earned the Brockman Scholarship to Texas A&M University.  Their start in the GISD academy program helped pave their way for success even at the university level.  

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Learn about the upcoming 2020 census with us

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Report urgent student concerns quickly and anonymously via a new webform and app.


This Credit by Exam is reserved only for students who have registered by the Nov 22 deadline.

Tests like the Credit by Exam give 1-12 graders the chance to test out of curriculum dependent on age and score. Students have the opportunity to prove mastery in course requirements like language and earn course credit. Younger students may have the opportunity to move up grade levels. 

Interested? Learn more about Credit by Exam.

Choice of School period opens today for Grades 1-12. 

Last day for Choice of School ends January 27, 2020. 

Fund raiser for PTA

Pre-registration is required. PTA will receive $3.00 for each child who participates. 

Student/staff holiday

Student/staff holiday

Student/staff holiday

Student/staff holiday

Student/staff holiday

Student/staff holiday



Enriched Fine Arts


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