First grade


1st Grade


First graders are super stars and will stay in the big time with these amazing leaders! Mrs. WhittinghamMrs. Gilliam and Mrs. Toye  are here to show them how to keep shining bright. Click on the teacher's name to email your teacher directly.

First grade is showing off their numbers

bulleting board with number snowmen


First graders are reading to learn and for fun

book cover of Huggapotamus by Steve Metzger

Many of our first grade friends like to read to learn more about the world around them. Some friends like to read for fun. Here are some books they like.

Huggapotamus by Steve Metzger - Tyson

Poison Dart Frogs by Jennifer Dewey - Killion

Baby Mouse for President by Jennifer and Matthew Holm - Leona

Frogs by National Geographic Kids - Levi



First grade sight words