Second grade

2nd grade teachers

Science is very interactive! In science, we will cover what scientists do, solids and liquids, air and weather, force and motion, energy, the natural world, insects, and the environment. Two days a week we do personalized math instruction, as well. Our TPSP project will teach us all about water conservation.

Reading Language Arts (RLA) is engaging, rigorous, and fun! There are so many components of reading and writing (spelling, grammar, composition, etc.). We learn foundational skills as well as comprehension skills. Our second grade push is multiple genres, author’s craft, vocabulary, and more!

In Social Studies, we cover communities, civics, government, geography, culture, economics, and reading.

Mrs. Johnson taught 3rd and 5th and KNOWS what they need to know! WE do daily 3: review, pre-teach, and vocabulary. It helps to practice number sense at home (games, apps, time, money, facts-add, subtract, multiply, divide). Great Resources are Ready Hub (ST Math and